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We are seeking our next badass instructor to teach our wild, high-energy dance cardio classes. No fitness experience required. Looking for smart, creative, and full-the-fuck-out dancers. If you know how to bring the party wherever you are, then this is the job for you.

A position as a ((305)) Instructor is the perfect compliment to your performing career. Our classes are fun and lively to teach. You dance, jump, and bring life to the classroom, inspiring non-dancers to move their bodies. Educationally, our extensive training program -- at no cost to you -- also offers a unique foot in the door into the world of fitness that costs trainers thousands of dollars to attain on their own. The hours are consistent and part-time. We are highly supportive of artists and traveling schedules.

We host auditions every 3-6 months. Please submit this form to be notified of our next audition round in your city.

Following auditions, selected instructors are invited to a 5-6 week intensive training. Training is unpaid and requires 15-20 hours/week. Typically, training will be for 5-6 hours during the week (early AM) and 4 hours on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday afternoons/evenings). You must have a job where you can reasonably take off a few hours of work during the week. If you have concerns about our training schedule but think you are a good fit for our company, please audition regardless. We will find a way to make it work with your schedule if you will contribute something unique to our team.

It is our full intention to hire everyone who completes training as an instructor. Once hired as an instructor, you can expect to begin with 2-3 classes per week. Your class schedule will ramp up over the course of a few months, eventually teaching 5-8 classes per week. There are a number of opportunities at ((305)) including the unique ability to branch into fitness, to work at an exciting start-up with like-minded people, and the chance to inspire others to move their bodies. There is so much to learn. If you are curious and open-minded, this is the right job for you!