Alex V 305 Instructor Dance Fitness


This class oozes warmth and compassion. If you're looking to leave feeling 100% accomplished with a big smile on your face, Alex's class is the right one for you!

Let's get one thing straight, Alex is more than just a cute piece of avo toast.

As you read this, she’s either running around developing a kick-ass ad campaign or cheering on Ohio State Football. She loves a good Harvest Bowl and any excuse to send a greeting card. So sue her! Who doesn’t love some basic-girl pleasures?! But, hey, she’s teaching 305. So, you know this queen has got some sauce to spare!

After graduating with a BFA in Dance and getting a desk job, Alex discovered fitness. It became an outlet for her, a high that helped her through those tough years in the corporate world. Sound familiar? Between flying to the west coast on the reg, planning a wedding, and keeping her social calendar packed, Alex needed a free and wild class like 305 to drop the to-do list for an hour each day. A kick-ass workout, the best tunes, and a get-your-freak-on feeling that reminds her to let loose and enjoy the ride.

Alex teaches a playful-yet-intense class. Her workouts are full of push-your-limit moments, giving you your fill of endorphins for the whole week. Hello! She is an overachiever after all. But her soul is warm, honest, and genuine. Which means she oozes friendly and compassionate vibes.

Go on, Alex. Drink your Tito’s & soda with extra limes. We adore you all the more for it!


Don’t hide yourself in regret.
Just love yourself and you’re set.
— Lady Gaga