When you meet Anthony, you will know instantaneously you are interacting with a one-of-a-kind person. We have never met anyone quite like Anthony. His boundless energy and off-the-wall enthusiasm make a strong and lasting impression. Anthony thinks, speaks and moves at 100 mph. We wanna bottle up whatever is running through his veins and sell it at Coachella.

Who is this loud-and-proud party boy giving me boy-band realness?! You hear him on the mic. He’s bouncing and twerking and hair flipping and telling jokes so funny, you’re squirting Gatorade out your nose.

Anthony puts the “party” in “workout.” He also puts the party in “sitting in traffic,” in “8am coffee date” in “waiting for the dentist.” I mean, look, the plain and simple truth is you’ve never met someone who knows how to have this much fun.

In Anthony’s class, you will feel loved and accepted, flaws and all. It’s not about your size, your shape, your color. It’s never too late to jump in. And there’s nothing you can do that’ll be anything short of magic. Anthony knows life is short, and he’s not here to judge, but to enjoy what life has to offer! His class is a tool to connect with yourself, fight your inner demons, and live your best life. If you’re down for a wild, unforgettable time, Anthony’s class is where it’s at!


— Rihanna