305 Fitness Instructor Beth Dance Cardio


This easy-to-follow class will transform you into a stronger, sexier, badder you. Just what the doctor ordered!

A junkie-turned-instructor, Beth believes we are all a work in progress. This Vietnamese babe was raised in the Bronx by a single mom and dealt with her lack of confidence by using school and dancing as an outlet.

The first time Beth took a ((305)) class, she was in shock. Everything about this place was chaotic, wild, and also, heartbreakingly beautiful. It wasn’t just getting out of her comfort zone; it was more like long jumping across her comfort zone. Since that first day, there was no turning back.

Beth can tell you life isn’t about making others happy. She’s living her best life, teaching Chemistry to undergrads by day, and spooning with her fiancé over Seamless and Friends re-runs by night. Not to mention, she always wears enough highlighter to blind anyone from space (#soextra). Things are falling into place, but it’s only because Beth has garnered the courage to stick her middle finger up to what the world has to say and go for what she wants!

When you’re in Beth’s class, she will make you feel seen, heard, and loved. That’s because ((305)) was that special space for her to shine, to come undone, to heal, to connect, and to shed her shame.


You’re gonna be a shinin’ star
In fancy clothes and fancy cars
— T.I. & Rihanna, "Live Your Life"