305 Fitness Instructor Bex


An uplifting, authentic approach that infuses a quirky cool style.  Come to PAR-TAY.

Step into your own. Bex is a pop recording artist, songwriter, and badass heroine. Who embodies female empowerment better than Bex? After graduating from Penn State, Bex established her own music label. In a male-dominated industry, Bex blazed her own trail, where she travelled nationwide as a solo artist and landed top spots on Billboard’s Dance Chart.

Despite her enormous success, Bex has got no airs about her: she is confident, never cocky.  Bex is well-spoken, original, and forever curious. Her teaching takes you to a place of total mindfulness. Bex’s style allows you to fully shine. As a teacher, Bex is there to uplift and inspire, never to belittle or bring down. She’ll help you reach new heights with her elated, joyous approach. 

What to expect: her cardio class will have you walking out feeling like a superstar, on top of the world, and dripping in sweat.  Bex's PWR class will leave you sore for daaayzzz, and will push you way past limits you thought you had.

Spray champagne like I won the World Series.
— Bex (!), Life of the Party