He ain’t no diva. But he is the prince of pop. Bobby’s got the heart of a lion and the moves of Justin Timberlake. No, honestly, it’s really like JT walked into the room. Or Usher. Or Bieber. Bieber?! Whatever. You get it. Bobby will melt your heart (and panties) with his kindheartedness and charming demeanor. No comparisons or competition. With an awesome can-do attitude, Bobby’s team-player spirit is sure to push an entire room to its fullest potential. Plus, Bobby is more than just a cute face. He’s also a tremendously talented (self-taught!) dancer. When Bobby isn’t teaching at ((305)), he teaches Hip Hop, Tap, and Jazz classes to children and professionals alike. Bobby has choreographed for New York productions including Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding and Totally Tubular Time Machine. 

What to expect from his class: Dance moves that make you feel like you’re on TRL and the kick-ass feeling of being uplifted and challenged at once. 

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