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Located right in Kenmore Square, 305 Fitness is a 55 min cardio dance with a live dj and light show.

Come party with us 💦💦

For New Clients Only.


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The only workout in Boston where I don’t watch the clock.

What to expect

Come ready to #makesweatsexy and sing along to the dj’s sick beats as you complete two sprints to get your heart rate up, a toning section, and of course we gotchu with dope choreo and a hip hop section. 💋



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I have two left feet but it doesn’t matter! This class is for everybody!

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You do not need to be a dancer!

Just come excited to sashay and slay and you’ll killlll it 🤩

Disclaimer: you may leave class feelin like you should be an extra in Queen Bey’s next dance video 🙋‍♀️


Finally! A dance cardio class that’s actually a really effective workout.

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Stop by our Kenmore Square Studio!

Shower available! Lit.er.al feet from the T!