305 Fitness Instructor Callie



A youthful take on an old favorite. This class is MADE for anyone who was forced to tap dance as a kid. Kick your legs, sing your heart out, and live your dreams with our little own Grace Kelly.

If you’re like most of us, you’re a little too hard on yourself. Callie can relate. Raised a classical dancer, Callie had rigid rules about being a good girl, and she reveled in the small perfectionist pleasures. She was crowned county-wide 4th grade spelling bee queen, beaming with pride for her blue ribbon moment.


When Callie moved to the city to study Behavioral Neuroscience at Northeastern University, her nice-turned-naughty former ballet teacher Kelly called her up. “Girl, you must come try 305!”


Since that first class, Callie has found a new side: one that embraces imperfection, can laugh at her quirks, believes everyone is more-than-a-little crazy and has found deep acceptance in herself, including her flaws!


Sunny and joyous, Callie has seen how 305 can powerfully shift your outlook on life, outside of those 55 minutes of slay. She hopes her class can be for you what 305 has been for her: a journey in healing, laughter, and letting go. Don't let her age fool you, she'll leave you outta breath and wanting more! When she’s not at 305, you can find Callie cramming at the library for her next exam, or at any local Dunks' (#coldbrewqueen).

I run this sh*t like cardio.
— I Like It by Cardi B