305 Fitness Instructor Candace


Candace finds beauty in everything and everyone! She's the pusher of praise and will leave you feeling like royalty.

Meet Candace. She’s poised, stylish, adventurous, and warm. Think: part Misty Copeland, part Michelle Obama, and full goofball.

As a kid, Candace was a total bookworm. Only music could pry her away from her homework, her love of dancing filling her soul from a young age. Little Candace ran amok up and down the grocery store aisles, practicing leaps and turns, while her mom shopped. She was studious, responsible, and very independent. As her friends went out to play, she chose to stay inside, curled up with a book loving the opportunities to slip into worlds of discovery and creativity. Candace is generous and giving. She has a very big heart and a bright spirit. She makes you know you are unconditionally supported and loved. In her class, you’ll feel her adventurous, goofy, and elegant energy radiate from start to finish. Expect a kick-ass toning and sprint section, as this natural leader whips you into shape and keeps you smiling the whole time.

There is nothing in the world that you can not do, when you believe in you.
— India Arie, Beautiful Flower