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Marketing Manager

Creative | Fast thinker | Strategic | Strong Writer

Positive | Intelligent | Independent

Highly confident | Entrepreneurial | Passionate

Marketing Manager

We are looking for a creative, strategic, out-of-the-box thinker who is ambitious and extremely motivated. This is a wild, brand new job at our (pretty) new company. Growth potential is limitless. We’re on the hunt for someone who is naturally fun, full of life, can write cheeky copy (quickly), and who is, above all else, extremely passionate about ((305)) Fitness.

This position is full-time. You’ll be joining team #NoDaysOff (and we mean that, literally). Not for the 9-to-5-er! We’re looking for a true team player, who works independently, speedily, and with a positive attitude.

This role has tremendous opportunity for growth over time, with the potential to move into Director of Marketing and Branding. You will work directly with our CEO, Sadie Kurzban.


On a macro level, you will:

  • Witness your creative spirit be put to work

  • Own all new client growth

  • Play a huge role in new studio launches and marketing

  • Conduct market research for new locations

  • Be one of the key faces of our brand for instructors, DJs, media, and influencers

  • Develop marketing strategy for years to come

  • Grow our brand voice and visuals


On a micro level, you will:

  • Create, execute, analyze and oversee all email marketing

  • Run all social media channels

  • Oversee all creative content including graphic design, video, photo, and apparel

  • Develop and manage influencer marketing

  • Run all PR

  • Get celebrities and influencers to #MakeSweatSexy

  • Improve our SEO

  • Manage studio managers with localized marketing

  • Execute 20 pop-ups and events/year

  • Form collaborations with like-minded brands

  • Report directly to our CEO

  • Analyze returns on ads and e-mail marketing reporting


WHY US? 🤷‍♀️
Not long ago, we were a tiny startup that has since exploded! We shine in an otherwise over-saturated market. And that's because we are changing the conversation about why we move our bodies. Filled with non-stop energy and creativity, our team of leaders, dancers, and DJs make ((305)) an inspiring place to work.

Our product is ridiculously fun, highly visual! Coupled with a large data set on our consumers, our setup is a marketer’s fantasy!

Our promise: Woo us, wow us, and we'll wow you in return. ☄️



We're looking for the fast-learner who is hyper-organized and hungry for a chance to shape our future. You should be a strong writer. Your writing must be full of personality. You must be able to think and speak concisely. 

Ideal candidate has a minimum of 3 years of marketing experience, with a strong grasp over the technical aspects of Facebook ads, email marketing, and/or SEO.

Love for our brand is a must - if you have no experience but wow us, we will take a chance on you.


Start date: Feb 15, 2018 💃