305 Fitness Instructor Charae


.You'll be flying off the walls in this non-stop, high-energy class. Charae's infectious smiles and non-judgemental vibes create a true party atmosphere.

Charae is a the pint-sized, big-hearted woman we can’t stop raving about. Watch and learn.


The only time you’ll wanna stop in this class is to catch your breath and watch Charae murder the next move. Charae’s passion and enthusiasm is totally infectious.

We wanna bottle up whatever Charae has got running through her bloodstream and sell it at Coachella. Girl is basically flying off the walls. Not a dancer? No problem. Fake it ’til you make it.


Growing up, Charae pretended she was a legit dance teacher, organizing meet-ups in her backyard with a boom box and a CD (okay, CD days!) and teaching 8-counts to the neighborhood. We love the confidence, Charae! In Charae’s class, you’ll be moving from side to side, clapping, kicking, and swinging your body parts all around, and you won’t even care if you look like a fool because Charae creates a non-judgmental, true party vibe. This is a fun one to bring your friend to. Or come solo because we guarantee this is a class where you’ll *actually* make friends before you leave the room. Charae lives in Boston and when she’s not teaching at ((305)), you can find her choreographing, shopping (#addiction) or recharging with some good Netflix binge watching.