305 Fitness Instructor Chris


Full-the-f*ck-out moves, dynamic intensity, and a grounded, focused presence.

Rock, paper, scissor, sh!t. When Chris moves, the world stops. Don’t let looks fool you. Bottled into his pint-sized frame is a world of indomitable energy and powerful intention. Go hard or go home, boy. Chris’s penetrative focus and soulful strength motivate you to go the extra mile, even when you think you can’t go any further.


Chris is one of those rare breeds of humans that is both extremely positive and energetic, and also incredibly grounded and approachable. Even in a packed class, Chris holds every single junkie accountable. Always fully present and engaged, Chris brings a larger-than-life presence to everything he does. The boy kills it on the floor, with some seriously creative dance sequences. Don’t be surprised if hip-hop goes the f*ck off in this class (slay!). You’ll sweat more than you ever have in this mind-over-matter, beast-mode class.


Ima keep runnin’ cuz a winner don’t quit on themselves.
— Beyoncé, Freedom