305 Fitness Instructor Christina


Quirky, relatable, thorough, and focused on form.  

Oh, hi. Do you like structure? Do you like a teacher with a plan? Do you like to feel like sh*t isn’t too serious, that you came to work out to also have fun, and you can tell your instructor would also be a really fun lunch date (and maybe even a good lay)? Oh, okay, great. Then you’ll love Christina.

Christina is two things. She’s quirky as hell. And she’s really organized. (We know this because she’s also our full-time Studio Director and responsible for juggling a staff of like 30 people and over 5,000 clients).

This means her classes are two things. One: filled with unexpected jokes (did she just say that?!). Two: structured in a way you’ll appreciate if you like clear order, direction, and a focus on correct form. Christina’s class is especially recommended for those new to sculpt, but will also offer plenty of challenge for more advanced clients. Christina hails from North Carolina where she studied journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill. She is a fan of velvet chokers, red wine, and 90s boy bands.