305 Fitness Instructor Darnell


A goofy sense of humor, a deep sense of joy, and a touch of sass.

Darnell will remind you of a human sour patch kid, only reversed! Outside of ((305)), he is incredibly genuine and sweet but when that door closes, and the lights go down, and the DJ drops that beat….he’s got this bitchin’ fierce side that will leave a sour taste in yo’ mouth! Growing up, Darnell had zero fashion sense. His mom used to pick out all his clothes and he’d have to wear matching outfits with his brother (noooo mom, noooo). Today, he confidently rocks his signature look errryday: catch him in a mesh crop top and booty shorts like a true #BaywatchBae. Speaking of, Darnell starred in an Off-Broadway production of Naked Boys Singing, where he literally sang and swung his penis around. We can’t make this up. And yes, Darnell can be basic; he loves himself a good Rihanna song, a well-prepared avocado toast, and he spends way too much time double tapping photos on @menwithpups. But even when he’s being basic, he’s totally #SorryNotSorry about it.


Now sissy that walk!
— RuPaul, Sissy That Walk