305 Fitness Instructor Deaton


Bright and buzzing. Shed your shame and feel your fantasy.

Stride of pride, baby. Hailing from North Carolina, Deaton is not your typical southern belle. Remind this big boy to reel it in, otherwise he will go off, girl! Between every "y'all," Deaton serves endless energy and positivity, flaunting his fab-u-lous-ness around. Don’t let Deaton’s in-your-face, contagiously fun attitude fool you. Deaton is also a serious athlete and academic.


After playing competitive tennis across the U.S. throughout his childhood, Deaton now competes in road races and triathlons at the elite amateur level, having completed his last 26.2 mile marathon in under 6 minute miles. All the cardio provides a nice balance to Deaton's mostly seated, other life at Columbia University, which is not only his alma mater but also where he is currently back in school pursuing a career in medicine.


And if I fly or if I fall, least I can say I gave it all
— RuPaul's "Sissy that Walk"