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Feel unstoppable in Deena's endorphin-packed class. No babying in here! Get ready to WERK!

All my women, who independent, throw your hands up at her!

Deena’s focused, dedicated approach is perfect for any athlete looking to shake up their routine with some ass-kicking dance cardio. Deena embodies an empowered and sexy feminine spirit.

Growing up in a fun-loving Afro-Latin home, Deena’s childhood was all about ease and laughter (no worries, mama). Since receiving her B.F.A. in Dance, she continues to teach diverse dance styles to students in the NY metro area. For Deena, life is about a few important principles: work hard, keep your chin up and your feet firmly planted.

Deena’s class is filled with moves that’ll push you to your limits. She has kick-ass sprints and toning that packs an extra punch. Deena loves to throw in a plank or two (or a hundred), so yes, you’ll likely be a liiiitle sore after taking her class.

Deena zeroes in on everyone in class, keeping you accountable and pushing you to reach your limit


Diva is a female version of a hustler
— Beyonce