305 Fitness Instructor DESIREE


Desiree is a total beast athlete and her powerful stride will have you motivated like woah. This is an environment where you can flip your hair and just fkn go for it.

What's that, burning up? That's Desiree, cooking up something saucy and servin it, hot. Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican, this proud Latina was raised in a rowdy house of brothers and all-male cousins. Desiree grew up with a healthy competitive streak, always trying to beat the boys in a game of hoops, and was encouraged by her also crazy-athletic mom! Desiree went to college on a basketball scholarship and yas, she is full-on beast mode on the basketball court. Desiree discovered dance in her 20s and surprisingly fell in love, trading suicide drills for hip hop combinations. The way she moves on the floor is similar to how she drives up a court; she's long-limbed, powerful, and persistent. For her, it's always been more about the game than who wins or loses. Desiree is one of those people who genuinely lives in the moment. She loves what she does, it's clear. Desiree's joy and carefree attitude is absolutely infectious. Her cheerful, mind-over-matter attitude comes right out of a star athlete's playbook. Go to her class after a long day, cuz yas, Desiree is sure to remind you that you are too blessed to be stressed. *Hair flip.* Desiree creates a non-judgmental attitude where you can just f*cking go for it. When she's not at ((305)), Desiree is often cooking up a new recipe at home, hanging with her brothers and dad, or belting out 90's songs ("Killing Me Softly" is her all-time fave). 

Get on your feet
Get up and make it happen
— On Your Feet, Gloria Estefan