305 Fitness Instructor Diana


A focused presence that makes you know you are loved, a class full of gratitude

Do you believe in miracles? Diana’s class will leave you believing that anything is possible. If you’re feeling stagnant, Diana’s style will help you unleash your creativity. Her words to live by? “Pour water on your fears and gasoline on your dreams.” Diana is like a mythical creature, part water, part land, which is why we call her Miracle Mermaid. She’s got a sensual, feminine energy, that’s both sexy and nurturing. Diana was born in Bolivia, relocated to Peru at age 7, and landed in Boston, far away from family and friends. Diana believes change is the key to growth. She’ll inspire you to step out of your comfort zone in order to make space for your dreams. Her kind, focused presence lets you know you are cared for.


Here Comes the Sun
— The Beatles