305 Fitness Instructor Dillon



Fierce, fiery, and full-the-f*k-out fun. Shine bright like a diamond and work your ass off in this uber-athletic, super sassy workout.


Looking for a workout that’ll spice up your life and leave you feeling like fire? Start with Dillon’s class. Dillon’s class will challenge you, physically, while playfully reminding you it’s all in the name of fun.

Growing up in Virginia, Dillon danced her way to the top in everything she did. A hometown favorite, Dillon predictably took home the gold every summer swim meet all while she entertained her competitors with her notorious victory dances. Dillon’s hipster chic upbringing left her passionate and skilled in riding bikes in heels, drinking the strongest cups of coffee, and eating way too much Chinese food. 

You might think she’s a teacher’s pet, when you see her bright red hair and impressive 6-pack. Nah, Dillon keeps it real with her effortless attitude, RiRi inspired outfits, and fierce hair whips that will leave you mesmerized for dayzzz. When Dillon’s not at ((305)) kicking butts she's dancing her way into the hottest music videos and living in sin with her boyfriend, who’s also a fitness instructor with fierce abs. #Goals.

Oh, I wanna dance with somebody. I wanna feel the heat with somebody
— Whitney Houston