305 Fitness DJ Ardent


Real Name; Jeovani Bautista

Oh snap. It’s the OH-fckn-GEE!!!

DJ Ardent was ((305))’s very first DJ. At age 22, boy showed up with his turntables and slaaayyyed the game. Years later, DJ Ardent is our full-time Master of Music. He’s responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training all DJs. When we say he’s the godfather of ((305)), we really mean it. A totally self-taught DJ, DJ Ardent is nothing short of a musical genius. He creates pure gold, weaving together tongue-in-cheek stories through music that take you on a real journey of sound. There’s highs, there’s lows, there’s everything in between.

He’s a pro when it comes to scratching and remixing. Watching him work is watching someone at their best. His effort and passion shine through so much, you start to wonder who’s really sweatin around here...