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Real Name: Luther Calvin Riggs

DJ Luther Calvin Riggs is a handsome, all-American boy from Iowa. He’s a major softie, who loves to brag about his cool-as-f*ck fiancee. His smile will melt your heart like a cone of vanilla ice cream on a summer’s day. Bring on the sprinkles, boy! No surprise, he’ll play tons of crowd-pleasing pop, dance cardio divas, and House remixes you love. If you’re looking for an upbeat, high-energy class to wind you up and put a smile on your face, Luther Riggs has you covered.


Hometown: Oskaloosa, IA

Words to live by: Patience and persistence.

Craziest thing he’s ever done: posed nude for drawing classes in college

All-time favorite song: “Devastated” by Joey Bada$$