305 Fitness DJ Mae Ultra



Originally from the sunny island of Singapore, DJ MAE ULTRA brings global experiences all to the DJ booth, spinning your fave tracks from near and far! Having grown up all over the world as a third generation military brat, she’ll be your Commander over the airwaves. Her favorite kinda music? Crunk meets high-energy saccharine synth pop. Just imagine what it’d be like if Lil Jon ate a bag of gummy bears. It’s upbeat, but not too sweet. You’ll be feeling like you’re ready to carpe the fkn diem after DJ Mae Ultra plays. OKAYYYY! She’s seriously on another level, so don’t be surprised if you hear her DJ a boiler room set someday!

Can’t Live Without: It's a pretty bleak world without dessert. I have a serious sweet tooth.

If I wasn’t djing: I'd be a real estate agent for sourcing REALLY unusual houses!! Or I'd be building them. Hobbit homes, shipping containers, you name it! Thanks, HGTV.

Craziest thing I’ve done: I did an interview on live TV while lit… Oops!