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((305)) DJs

We are seeking our next music master to DJ our dance cardio classes. As a DJ, your role is to excite and electrify a room full of people who are working hard to get through a 55-minute, heart-pumping, ass-kicking, totally-strenuous workout. Your role is absolutely integral to the client experience and music is central to everything we do. The techniques you use and the songs you play will make or break the client experience. We are looking for DJs who possess a team-player attitude, love of learning, and a strong skill set in mixing under high-pressure situations. We are seeking smart DJs who collaborate well with others, as you will work closely with our wild, fun-loving instructors. 

305 Fitness is one of the fastest growing fitness companies in the country. We pride ourselves on our irreverent brand, our insanely fun team, and our revolutionary dance workout method that clients can’t get enough of. We are growing quickly and are looking for THE badass DJ to help take us to the next level. 

We are seeking music-lovers who:

  • enjoy mixing pop, top 40, and electronic dance music.

  • are willing to work early mornings (6:30AM-9:30AM) and early morning weekends (8AM - 12PM Sat, Sun)

  • can commit to a minimum of 6 hours of DJing/week

  • either have experience DJing or are passionate about music, curious-minded and are generally strong at troubleshooting.

  • are positive, fun-loving, and have a team-player attitude

  • have flexible work commitments where they are able to train for 3 weeks for 6 hours/week during working hours or be available for weekend intensive trainings (6 hours)


We have classes from 6AM - 9PM Mon - Fri and 8AM - 5PM Sat & Sun. You should be willing to DJ early mornings and weekends, but may also have the opportunity to DJ during weekday afternoons and evenings.

Note: If you've never DJed before but are hard-working, curious, and passionate about music, you are still welcome to apply.

Once selected, you will be trained in our 6-week ((305 DJ Training Program)) where you will learn the structure of our class, advanced mixing techniques, and much more. You will receive unique, one-on-one instruction, catered to your personal needs, with our Master DJs. This training will help you master your craft as a DJ and comes at no cost to you. We will meet for 6-8 hours/week for 3 weeks. There is an additional 10-15 hours of at-home and in-studio practice required. 

If you have a full-time job during normal business hours (9 to 5), please be available on 3 consecutive  weekends (6 hours each day)  

Once training is complete, you will begin DJing 2-6 classes per week. Your class schedule will ramp up over the course of a few months, eventually DJing 8-12 classes per week. There are a number of opportunities at ((305)) including the unique ability to DJ during off-peak hours and to work at an exciting start-up with like-minded, fun-loving people. A position as a ((305)) DJ is a great compliment to your artistic career. The hours are consistent and part-time and do not interfere with most DJ gigs. We are highly supportive of artists and traveling schedules.


  1. Fill out the application below.

  2. In this application, include a link to your 305 Spotify DJ Application Playlist and a one-minute video showing us why you're 305's next best DJ.

  3. To create this playlist:

    1. Log in to Spotify

    2. Create a playlist called 305 Fitness DJ [Your First Name]

    3. Add 17 songs in this playlist that include commercial, high-energy, popular songs you would play in class if you were a 305 DJ.

      1. SONG 1: TONING song -- what you would play for your instructor leading a routine of squats!

      2. SONGS 2 - 15: commercial, high-energy, club-bangin' fun-lovin', party-starting 305 music! The stuff you would play if you were DJing a 305 class.

      3. SONGS 16 & 17: Cool down music: the songs you'd play to wind down class.

Be sure to save the link for your Spotify playlist and make it public, since you will be including this link in your application.

We will not listen to soundclouds, mixcrate or other platforms.