305 Fitness Instructor Ella


A feeling of limitless potential and some new hip and booty-poppin' moves

Ella is like Alicia Keys meets carnival queen. She’s chill AF but when she moves, she cracks the whip and you know it’s go-big-or-go-home with those hips. If you’re looking to work your ass off and learn some crazy sexy moves, sign up for Ella’s class now. Ella is a perfect and totally rare blend of Boston and Trinidad (her second home). Ella is tough, she can brave a winter storm, and she will f*ck you up if you get in her way. But she’s also warm, loving, and 100% accepting that everyone is where they’re at and that’s all good. Ella’s life motto? Don’t get dragged by the current, ride the wave. Take Ella’s class if you want to learn how to balance it all; masculine and feminine, chill and passionate, work and play. 

This isn’t ego or vanity, I’m just celebrating me
— Private Party by India Arie