305 Fitness Instructor Erica


Reach your deepest potential in this give-no-f*cks, anything- goes environment.

Girlcrush alert. Meet Erica aka The Double Shot (short for "The Double Shot Martini.") 

She’s a whole lotta woman. She’s tough and edgy, with a thick New York accent and a full tattoo sleeve. But a sensual, feminine aura also surrounds her, like some invisible sexy halo crowning her queen.  

She is incredibly passionate and knows how to push limits. She’ll motivate you to reach your deepest potential, with her focused, dedicated approach. But Erica is also understanding of everyone and all things. No judgement here! Erica’s got that cool-girl, casual attitude. There’s something incredibly powerful about a woman who’s so self-sufficient. Give her a warm meal and a roof over her head, and Erica is happy. When you meet her, you’ll feel she doesn’t need much, because she’s got a whole lot of self-awareness to fill her up already. When she’s not teaching at ((305)), you can find Erica practicing yoga, meditating, or cheffing up a new recipe . She loves herself a good sushi bar and a great skincare routine. 

You wanna be starting something, you got to be starting something
— Michael Jackson