Bubbly, upbeat attitude, and a space where you can forget your worries and just be you

A DMV native, Erika was an only child with a penchant for adventure and mischievous fun. She learned quickly how to make friends and also how to entertain herself. One of the things you’ll love about her most is how much she loves and accepts herself and others because of their quirks, not despite them. Erika is constantly curious. If you’re on a stranded island, you’ll want to bring Erika. She’ll come with a gameplan, creative solutions, and she will always be the shoulder to cry on. There’s something really refreshing about a perfectionist who’s willing to take risks, throw her plans out the window, and explore what life has to offer. If you’re new to ((305)) and nervous to jump in, Erika’s class will 100% make you feel heard and seen. 

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.
— Mother Teresa