305 Fitness Instructor H D


Euphoric energy and uncensored attitude, with jokes to spare.

Originally from Brooklyn, HD (Harold David or "Hot Damn!") is a singer, dancer and fitness instructor with a serious zest for life. He's also our Training Manager and Creative Lead - boop! HD's classes make you feel electrified and ready to bring the BLOOP to your burpees - it’s like a lightning bolt struck the dance studio! HD's presence is unstoppable. Light it up! HD will make you feel inspired and absolutely euphoric with his 100% focus and air of calm intensity. Take his class and you’ll feel like you’re having some mystifying out-of-body experience as HD guides you through 55 minutes of pure power. HD is a Brooklyn Tech HS alumnus and graduated from Amherst College with a B.A. in Theater & Dance. Follow him on Instagram via @iiitsHD and check out his website here.

I’m a work in progress/
I’m a seed growing into a flower/
I’m a storm that’s rising/
And getting stronger with every hour.
— Brandy, 'Camouflage'