A carefree, playful attitude with lots of smiles and encouragement

Throw caution to the wind. Imani’s eccentric, dynamic class is a 55-minute exercise in forgetting your worries and enjoying the moment. Her nimble, positive energy will make you feel like you're covered in fairy dust. Once, as a little girl, Imani was in a play for school. They needed someone to play Jesus. None of the girls wanted to play a man. But Imani raised her hand cuz she wasn’t gonna pass up the opportunity to be the main character and whatever, f*ck gender norms. Also, she had a lot of fun baptizing everyone. Imani steps outside of what’s expected and creates a life she envisions. She is creative, adventurous, and always seems to be having the best freakin’ time. She embraces life with a positive outlook. Every day is an adventure. If you’re looking to smile your face off, Imani’s class will have you feeling your best.