Hear ye, hear ye

Fill out this purchase order form and save MAJOR all the thangs you’ll need to create a super-charged experience for your clients.

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What happens if I order these but don’t pass certification?

No sweat! We won’t charge your card until you’ve passed certification!

How can I pay for these?

If you’ve taken a 305 class before and we have your card on file, we will process that card through our MindBody site. If you don’t have a card on file, please be sure to let a front desk associate know during training. If you are ordering equipment after training, we will receive orders through our online store.

When can I expect to receive lights and booty bands?

We will process your card within 2 days of receipt. We will ship equipment and lights within 2 weeks of training.

Are shipping costs included?

Shipping is a $25 charge.

What if I need more time to think about it?

Not to worry — we totally respect if you need a bit more time to get things going. If you’d like to wait to place an order, you can place an order online after the weekend. One thing to note: We will be selling our booty bands, gliders and lights at full price after the weekend ($59/light; $25 for 10 bands; $10 for a pair of gliders). If you’re interested in an instructor discount, we encourage you to place your order before the weekend is over.