High kicks to the moon and a hyper-intensity and focus that radiates encouraging positivity


Jordan is like the smart, athletic, witty Bring It On cheerleader we all rooted for. Jordan may appear to be all girly-girl, brunch on 14th St, high-kicks and high ponytails to the moon. But don’t let looks fool you. Jordan has a sharp wit, a crazy smart brain, an insanely hard job, and a badass side that shines when she’s teaching. Jordan grew up as a competitive cheerleader. Full outfits, backflips and all! She works as a speech pathologist (in an elementary and middle school where 99% of the kids have free lunch). Jordan’s class is uplifting, energetic, and focused. She’ll guide you through the entire 55-minute butt-kicking workout, smiling and encouraging you every second. Her joy and focus are utterly contagious.


Anything less than the best is a felony
— Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby