305 Fitness Instructor Julien


A warm, encouraging environment, with sensual, earthy moves that’ll give you all the feels.

When you’re here, you’re with la familia.

Julien, a Miami native, is warm, encouraging, and down-to-earth. His energy reminds us of daybreak; his attitude is optimistic, bright, with a touch of spirituality. Come to his class when you need an uplifting workout and a big hug, the kind only family can give. Julien’s class couples inspirational wisdom and grounded charm. He’s an incredible dancer, with impeccable training. Born to Jamaican and Haitian parents, Julien travelled the world before settling in New York. Boy Juju serves flavor realness in his class, and his hips do not lie. His movements are sensual and full-bodied. You’re guaranteed to feel at ease in Julien’s class, as his cheerful smile beams across the room. When he’s not at 305, you can find Julien reading, listening to a podcast, or taking a dance class. Work!




Nobody built like you, you design yourself.
— Jay-Z, A Dream