Lace up your damn shoes and let’s get dancing! Lindsay’s easy-to-follow uber-athletic approach is where.it’s.at.

It isn’t about the outfit. It’s about how you wear it.

Confidence is a mindset, and Lindsay knows just how to pull it out of you. With a bright, positive attitude, Lindsay’s powerful command challenges you physically, while still making you smile from ear to ear.

Lindsay has been a #BOSS from the start. In elementary school, you could find her organizing Spice Girls “meetings.” She choreographed, directed, and performed, duh! Recess was never the same.

Her spirit is totally magnetic. You’re gonna be girl crushing hard. You’ll see Lindsay literally bouncing off the walls (not literally, but as close to literally as possible) as this superwoman flies across the room with boundless energy. Her catchphrases include: “Werk!” “Yes!” and “Strut!” Lindsay’s highly effective class will make you feel like you just took the sweatiest damn dance cardio class of all time. It’s like aerobics on crack.


“C’est la vie”
— B*Witched