305 Fitness Instructor Marcus Isaiah Dance Cardio


A full out entertaining rave with impactful movement and style. An experience that will have you livin’ your best life.

Marcus is nothing short of epic, honey!

He has the heart of a lion and the moves of Usher. Usher?! Did we just go there? Yes! We sure did baby. Marcus will melt your heart (and panties) with his charming demeanor and non-stop jokes. No comparisons or competition. He's the one and only. You just do you!

Marcus likes the finer things in life. He loves to travel, he appreciates a heated pool, a well-tailored suit and room service (curly fries, thankQ). I mean, just look at his instagram. Bae is hashtag blessed! He has good taste in material things and in come backs. He'll have you running up against a wall and the next thing you know you'll be poppin' your booty back. His class will have you laughing, smiling, and thoroughly entertained.

Like any true divo, Marcus is not a fan of punishing himself just for f*ck’s sake; where's the fun in that? He’d much rather shake his ass, be dripping of chocolate sweat, and then sip his tea. Come dance your ass off in this highly-entertaining, eccentric, creative class that’ll make you feel like magic.


By faith reach up and get it, it’s yours.
— Kurt Carr