305 Fitness Instructor Marielle 1


Swaggy with a twist of sass. An experience that will have you feeling free and unstoppable.

When Marielle first stepped into our studio, she probably didn’t expect she’d be teaching in front of packed classes. Her teeny tiny 4 ft 11 frame, blue hair, and soft-spoken manner don’t exactly scream “fitness instructor.” But all we needed was to see Marielle dance for 30 seconds to know we had found a real star.

Raised in Staten Island, NY Marielle was always an easygoing kid. To this day, she’s playful, kind, and a very adaptable person. She’s got a chill AF vibe. It’s no surprise her life motto is “go with the flow, bro.”

Don’t let her cool-as-a-cucumber exterior fool you. Once that music starts, her alter ego takes over and she takes no prisoners. Wuh-psssh! Crack that whip, girl. Girl has edge. Hit those angles, yas.

After graduating from UNCG with not one, but two degrees, Marielle became a professional dancer for the Washington Wizards. She lives for the dance floor and this Filipina firecracker can get down!

Marielle’s easy-to-follow class is perfect for non-dancers who wanna feel themselves in the mirror. Marielle teaches with a no-judgement attitude, and her moves are so much fun, you’re gonna be air humping and twerking in no time!


Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out
— John Wooden