305 Fitness Instructor Matty


Hyped energy and an inclusive, shame-free environnment where you can let your inner diva play.

Live your best life in Matty’s class. Matty is the friend who convinces you to have just one drink. Hours later, you’re making out with the bartender and Matty is cheering you on. If he could, he’d live on Fire Island full time. Matty’s obsession with Erika Jayne of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is only 10% ironic. Growing up as Catholic school boy and self-described diva, Matty went to the junior Olympics for competitive jump rope (omg) and later cheered competitively at USC. Talents should never be wasted, darling. His loud-and-proud, explosively energetic class will have you laughing as hard as you’re sweating. Matty was a ((305)) junkie before becoming an instructor. When he’s not teaching, he’s working full-time as a management consultant, traveling the world and telling companies how to run their sh*t. He puts the “sexy” in “spreadsheet.” Matty understands that time is money and he’s not about to waste yours. Join this queen for a 55-minute, intensely energetic, hilariously wild experience you’ll never forget. 


First you gotta put yo’ neck into it
— Khia - My Neck, My Back