305 Fitness Instructor Melody



Turning "fitness" into "fun" is basically her middle name. Melody's creative class will have you air humping one minute and working some new squat routine the next. Sweet-as-pie but hard-as-hell! A calorie torches, for sure!

Sporty and spunky, Melody is a star who shines bright morning and night. A junkie-turned-instructor, Melody loves 305 because it’s a place to shed your shame and just have fun.

Originally from Augusta, Georgia, Melody's loud enthusiasm is *actually* real. Like, you might think, omg, is this girl for real? Why is she upbeat all the time, like even at 7am, why does she seem like she's in a Red Bull-meets-Gatorade commercial? And yes, she is for real. 

Her bright, positive attitude will make you feel like you can *actually* get your knees up just a little higher and shake your ass just a little harder. She’s like the P.E. teacher we wish we would have had in middle school, when we were rolling our eyes at the Presidential fitness test, because she knows how to turn monotonous into mega fun. A certified NASM trainer and a kettlebell champ, this Southern belle will shame your boyfriend (and hers) in a push-up contest, and when she’s done, will stand up and shake her ass in one loud victory dance. Expect a lot of smiles and encouragement as this whip-smart trainer gets you in the best shape of your life. 


I’m a southern belle
Crazier than hell
Getting wild up in here
— Do My Thang, Miley Cyrus