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Remind me... what is the All Access Slaybership?
You get access to non-stop dance cardio for just $169/month. So you can take 305 lit.er.ally every single day for just $169. Instead of counting your shiny pennies and spacing out your classes, you're gonna #MakeSweatSexy all the freakin time now! It is a 6-month minimum commitment, which continues on a month-2-month basis after, at the same rate! #SLAY4LIFE

What if I already have credits?
Give us a heads up in the form above, and we can suspend those credits while on your Slaybership. If you ever cancel your Slaybership, you can pick them up again. Or you can use them to guest in friends. Hit that Venmo request.

My office sees me as ‘the fit one’ which is hilarious because I’m actually really lazy! I always loved 305 but couldn’t justify coming as much as I wanted to. I’ve been coming 5-6 times/week for 3+ years!
— Jenn Bautista, 305 Slayber since 2016
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What if I cancel my membership and want to pick it back up later?
The All Access Slaybership is a 6-month minimum commitment. If you were to cancel for any reason, during the initial 6 months, you’d be charged an early-cancelation fee and have re-enter the lottery to be eligible for the $169 price. Commitment-phobes, peep our month-2-month here.

How much is it?
$169/month, with $50 off your first month. That means you're paying less than $4/day for your first month and $6/day for every month after that.

A single class costs $29. If you take 6 cardio classes or more/month, then this membership pays for itself! On average, clients who go from packages to memberships increase their average visits by 300% (!!). That means if you've been coming 2x/week, you can now assume you'll make it in 6x/week!

I can finally dance it out without worrying how many credits I have left... I’m part of a community that empowers and supports one another. The 305 family is the best!
— Liviya Kraemer, 305 Slayber since 2016
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What if I turn the membership down?
This is one of those now-or-never kinda moments, babe. If you pass, you will return to our lottery pool, which we will draw again in one year. Acceptance now does not guarantee acceptance later.

What am I committing to?
The All-Access Slaybership for a minimum of 6 months at a rate of $169/month, charged on the 1st of each month. If you start on a date other than the 1st, we’ll pro-rate the first charge, and then you’ll be charged on the 1st of each month moving forward. 

This membership would allow you 1 cardio class per day.

I cannot begin to explain how much the membership changed my life. Physically, I’ve seen incredible results. And now I have way more cash on hand to save on other things I love.
— Amara MacPhee, Slayber since 2017
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Does the Slaybership allow for freezes?
Membership freezes are granted without a fee for medical reasons in 1-month increments and for $50/month for non-medical reasons. A doctor's note will be requested in order to freeze your membership without a fee.

Legitimately the best money I spend each month. Zero guilt about it. This class has radically improved my confidence and changed my life.
— Tiffany McKelvy, Slayber since 2016
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What happens after 6 months?
After 6 months, your All-Access Slaybership will continue on a month-by-month basis until you request to cancel. You can cancel if you wanna. But trust us, you won't wanna. Side note: over 95% of our memberships opt to continue their membership after 6 months, so we're doing something right. ;)

Anything else I should know?
We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged a $10 late-cancel fee. If you no-show (meaning you don't show up without giving us notice), you will be charged a $30 no-show fee, so definitely make sure you cancel, even if it's last minute! You will get one freebie late-cancel/no-show each month.



I can workout every day for the same price as my latte. It’s my happy place.
— Kevin McCurdy, Slayber Since 2015

Email junkiesupportdc@305fitness.com with any questions specific to your membership. Here's that cute lil form again!