Back by popular demand, our memberships are the biggest bang-for-ya-buck. Looking to *really* commit to an exercise program you can stick with? Learn to love your body, strut your stuff with confidence, and make time for yourself every single day. 

Our membership are selected on a lottery basis only.

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Boston party people: get shook with this bad-ass all-you-can-twerk membership. Start your mornings, blow off steam after work, or live your best life every weekend. Get in on this major deal. $169/month aka $5.50/day.

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Come thruu, New York. With 2 studios and more on the way, this bang-for-your-buck membership also includes Cardio, PWR, & FLX. These workouts will get you feeling strong, lean, and limber as f*ck. New York City living just got a lot more fun. $219/month or $7.50/day. 

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Oh, hi. Who's that knocking on the door? That's your new mindset which is full of joy and really fkn productive. Warning: 305 will fill you with so many endorphins, you may become that-annoying-perky person at work. $169/month or less than $5.50/day.