FRIDAY 🌴👯‍♀️🦄

Friday is a travel morning. Arrive, check-in, and chill until it’s time to head over to your assigned DJ or instructor choreo meeting. Join us for a team dinner Friday night to kick off the weekend!

brandon and jlott

Friday Highlights

Arrive in Miami

DJ/Instructor Meeting (Mandatory)

Group Dinner

Have fun and relax!

Friday morning/midday: Travel day! Arrive safely in Florida, where you’ll load into one of our sexy vans (someone from the support team will be eagerly waiting for ya in the driver’s seat) and head to the Freehand to check in. Find your airport shuttle assignment here. If you’re not assigned to a van, it’s because you’re arriving at an offbeat hour and we’ll need you to Uber to the Freehand on us; Kelly will reach out to coordinate.

Checked in to the Freehand? Sweet! Enjoy the sunshine until your choreo or DJ meeting.

Please do not party until your meeting is over — we need your mental focus and energy!

12:30PM - 6PM: Instructor choreo meetings at Hiperfit Miami Beach (465 W 41st St - 10 minute walk from the Freehand). Find your scheduled time here.

2PM - 6PM: DJ meetings upstairs at the Freehand. Find your scheduled time here.

4PM & 6PM: Two optional photoshoots by the pool at the Freehand. Join either - or both :) Wear your favorite 305 lewk, a bathing suit, or really, whatever! We’ll have a photographer on site. Instructors, DJs, and support staff are welcome!

8:00PM - 11:00PM: Group dinner, drinks + Golden Flamingo Awards at Señor Frogs

11:00PM-????: Keep the night going if you’d like! Some party peeps will head to a nearby jaunt, all are welcome!



On Saturday, we’ll spend the morning working on skills to enhance our classes. We’ll host optional group activities in the afternoon. The evening is yours to let loose or chill!

9:15AM - 10:00AM: Yoga class on the beach, led by Arbey (a major inspiration to Sadie). We’ll meet in the Freehand lobby at 9am and walk over together. Mandatory for FLX instructors, optional for everyone else.

10:30AM - 1:00PM: Instructor & DJ workshops at the Miami Beach JCC (4221 Pine Tree Drive - 10 minute walk from the Freehand). Mandatory for all. Receive 2 CEC credits. All instructors and DJs should get to the JCC by 10:25am. YOU NEED TO BRING YOUR ID TO GET INTO THE BUILDING. THE JCC DOESN’T MESS AROUND. DO NOT FORGET!!!


Instructor Workshops (Mandatory)

10:30am - 11:00am: Welcome & Announcements, April/May look-ahead

11:00am - 11:30am: Sprint Remixes


11:30am - 1:00pm: Themes!

DJ Workshops (Mandatory)

10:30am - 11:00am: The future of 305

11:00am - 11:30am: Social Media & Styling Workshop


11:30am - 1:00pm: Themes!


1:00PM: The day is yours! We recommend grabbing lunch at Tasty Beach Cafe, Chicken Kitchen, or Roasters ‘N Toasters. You can also order food at the Freehand or join our food tour leaving the Freehand at 2pm!


Saturday Highlights:

Morning: optional yoga

Late morning: professional development workshops

Afternoon: choose from a group activity or do your own thang

Night time: up to you! Go hard or take it easy.


2:00 - 6:00PM: 305 Group Activities. These activities are optional! 305 will not be covering any expenses.

2-4PM - Food tour with Ken + Carly. Meet in the Freehand lobby. Approximate cost is $40.

2:30PM - Parasailing with Luiza + Wisty. Meet in the Freehand lobby. Approximate cost is $90.

4-6PM - Wynwood tour with Yasmin + Rachelle. Meet in the Freehand lobby. Approximate cost is $15 (for roundtrip Ubers).

Dinner & Partying on Saturday is totally up to you! Feel free to text a Weekend Leader for suggestions on where to go and what to eat. You can also refer to our recommendations at the bottom of this page.


10:15AM: Meet in the Freehand lobby. We’re doing a 30 minute flash mob on the beach, with videos and a motherfucking drone!!

By 12:00PM: Check-out from the Freehand. The hotel can hold onto your belongings until you have to leave for the airport.

Sunday afternoon: Enjoy the 305 until it’s time to head to the airport! Make sure you check into your flight ahead of time and you betta be on your shuttle back to the airport! Please don’t be late! Peep your shuttle schedule again here.


We're staying in South Beach, which is a fun area to explore with shopping, restaurants, bars. Here are some tips and things to do:

Daytime Activities

- On Miami Beach, you can rent jet skis, bikes, etc.
- Lincoln Rd or Ocean Drive (the real one!) - walk around, shops
- Take a Lyft to Little Havana (8th Street/Calle Ocho)
- Coconut Grove - 30-45 minutes driving from South Beach. Shopping center, restaurants, history, culture


- Tap Tap (Miami Beach) - Haitian food
- Yardbird (Miami Beach) - Southern food
- Pubbelly Noodle Bar (Miami Beach) - Noodles
- Fogo de Chao (Miami Beach) - Brazilian Steakhouse
- Versailles (Little Havana) - Cuban food
- River Seafood Oyster Bar (Brickell) - Seafoods


- Mokai (Miami Beach) - Club
- Liv (Miami Beach) - Club
- Mansion (Miami Beach) - Club

- SET (Miami Beach) - Club
- Mangos (Miami Beach) - Touristy Bar
- Twist (Miami Beach) - Gay Bar
- Bodega (Miami Beach) - Speakeasy

- Blackbird (Brickell) - Latin Dance bar
- Wood Tavern (Wynwood) - Chill Bar
- Sidebar (Brickell) - Bar
- Bardot (Wynwood) - Bar


What’s mandatory for me to attend?

Glad you asked!!! Your instructor choreo/DJ meeting on Friday is mandatory. Please come at your assigned time, and come in good shape! Friday night dinner and Saturday morning’s professional workshops are also mandatory. Saturday morning yoga is mandatory for FLX instructors only.

Ugh. Why can’t I just have fun and get drunk?

It’s important for all of us to utilize this insanely rare time all together to share ideas, receive important company updates, and develop professionally! We’ve allotted for PLENTY of time to let loose, so please collab with us and show up with your (sober) game face on to mandatory events.

What’s paid and what’s courtesy of 305?

We’re covering transportation from the airport to the hotel, dinner/drinks on Friday night, and transportation back to the airport on Sunday. We can provide affordable options for food and drink for the rest of the weekend! Optional activities like parasailing, jet skiing, biking, or excessive Daiquiri consumption will not be covered by 305!

How much should I budget for?
Conservatively, please budget $200 for the weekend. This will cover food, reasonable partying, and some optional activities. If you opt in for higher ticket activities like jet skiing or parasailing, please budget an additional $100-$150.

When will I have to pay for the trip?

If you opted to split your contribution over two pay cycles, we’ll withdraw from your payroll on 3/6 and 3/20. If you did not opt to split the cost over two cycles, your full contribution will be deducted on 3/6. Your contribution is directly tied to how many classes you teach/DJ at 305.