We’ll all be flying into either MIA (Miami) or FLL (Fort Lauderdale) airport on Friday.

Please triple check your Orbitz flight reservation we forwarded you. To find the email in your inbox, search “E-Ticket Orbitz.” If you can’t find your reservation, reach out to Kelly right away: She has it! Look over all details on your ticket again, including your full name and date of birth. Let Kelly know immediately if anything looks incorrect.

The Orbitz email contains your reservation number required for check-in. It is your responsibility to check your ticket for errors, know your flight plan, and board the flight you were booked for. If you're in NY, please double check if you're departing from EWR, JFK, or LGA.

All outgoing and returning flights have been assigned a flight leader. This person will serve as your point of contact for any travel related questions or concerns for both trips. Find your flight leaders here. The first tab in this sheet is departing flights, the second tab is returning flights. Note: your departing and returning flight leaders may be different!

TRIPLE check to see whether either of your trips has a connecting stop between your home city and Florida, and save that information.


It is your responsibility to find travel to the airport on Friday in your home city, and upon return in your home city on Sunday. We’ll cover your transportation to and from the Freehand once you’ve arrived in Florida.

If you’re arriving to Florida around 9am or 12pm, we’ll pick you up in one of our 15-passenger vans. Someone from the support team will shuttle you from the airport to the Freehand Hotel! Your driver will confirm pickup location with you the day before your flight via text. If you’re arriving at another time on Friday, Kelly will be in touch with you about scheduling an Uber (on us).

If you’re flying home on Sunday, we’ll also handle your transport from the Freehand to the airport. You’ve been assigned to a shuttle from the airport on Friday and back to the airport on Sunday. Find your scheduled rides here. Meet in the lobby of the Freehand 10 minutes before your car is scheduled to depart from the Freehand (column G on the second tab). If you’re flying home at a later date, it’ll be up to you to find transportation back to the airport.


Load up in our nifty vans and head straight to the Freehand! If rooms aren’t ready for check-in, the hotel will be able to store your bags. Keep whatever you’ll need for the day at the top of your bag so you can easily grab it (beach/pool, choreo/DJ meeting gear).


Freehand Miami address: 2727 Indian Creek Dr. Miami Beach, FL


We’ll be bringin’ ya straight to the Freehand from the airport.

The Freehand is a shabby-chic, free-spirited hotel/hostel in the heart of Miami Beach. A 5 minute walk from the beach, the Freehand features an outdoor terrace with a pool, an award-winning cocktail bar (free drink ticket handed out at check-in!), and a seasonal restaurant. 

You will be responsible for paying any fees incurred for broken items or extra charges in the room.


Once you’ve arrived in Miami and checked in to the Freehand on Friday, you’re free to enjoy the 305 until your instructor choreo meeting or DJ meeting. Please show respect for the brand and resist the urge to party as soon as you land. We love your enthusiasm, but we need your focus and presence on Friday for the mandatory instructor/DJ meetings. You will receive CEC credits for your attendance.

  • Instructor choreo meetings

    • You’ve been assigned to one of the following times: 12:30pm, 2pm, 3:30pm, 5pm

    • Instructor choreo meetings will take place at Hiperfit Miami Beach - 465 W 41st St (15 minute walk from the Freehand)

  • DJ Meetings

    • You’ve been assigned to one of the following times: 2pm, 4pm

    • DJ meetings will take place at the Freehand Hotel in the upstairs area of 27 Lounge

  • Unless your flight is delayed, please attend the meeting you were assigned to. You can find those assignments here.


What’s a flight leader?

  • Each departing and returning flight will have a flight leader. This person will be your go-to for any travel q’s or concerns. They’ll start a group text thread for all 305’ers on your flight to designate a meeting point at the airport. Flight leaders for your trip can be found here.

What’s a weekend leader?

  • Each city will have a designated Studio Manager as your point person for the weekend (anything that happens in between your ride from and back to the airport!) Not sure where to meet or what to wear? Hit up your city’s weekend leader at any point during the weekend.

  • NYC + LA leader: Luiza Costa (954) 798-3663

  • Boston leader: Wisty Andres (614) 338-5984

  • DC leader: Yasmin Elgibali (571) 334-8804

What should I pack?

  • 3 workout outfits: there will be 305 choreo meetings, an optional yoga class, 305 professional development, and a tentative 305 pop-up class on Sunday

  • Socks and sneakers

  • A hoodie/sweatshirt

  • Make-up, hats, accessories or anything else you like to rep your style — a photographer will be on site!

  • A bathing suit or two

  • Sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses

  • 2 “going out” outfits

  • 2 “daytime” outfits

  • Room in your suitcase for souvenirs and goodies

Really try to pack it all into a carry-on! It’ll save you time and money and your roommates will be so grateful!

How can I get in touch if I have questions?

  • Hit up your flight leader, your weekend leader, OR your travel godmomma Kelly (973-303-8705) with any questions related to the weekend!

Where can I find the weekend itinerary again?

Omg right here!!