She’ll have ya feeling like a trillion bucks.

Nobody puts Milan in a corner! This outspoken, charismatic babe serves up some realness in class that will have you in your feelings in the best possible way. She creates a space that’s welcoming of all and she’ll help you work through the bad sh*t while lifting you up and making you feel like a trillion bucks.  

When she’s not teaching class, you can find her taking dance classes around NYC, studying for her degree in Business Administration, or looking for the hottest dessert spots in the city. You may even find her taking class with her boo thang!

Take one class with Milan and you’ll see how much of a ray of sunshine she is! She wants junkies to feel bright and free from judgement and self-doubts. You’ll leave her class feeling emboldened, powerful, and ready to kick some major a$$.

Change takes courage.
— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez