305 Fitness Instructor Naimah


Fierce femininity, girly spunk, and a real push to find your best. 

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the studio. Equal parts sweet and spicy, Naimah embodies badass femininity at its best. A class with Naimah is like a glass of overflowing champagne: upbeat, feminine, and full of life. But listen up: we call her the sergeant for a reason. When Naimah cracks the whip, she expects to see your best. Get ready to sweat some seriously powerful stuff. This Brooklyn-born-and-raised chick will push you to your edge. Did we mention she holds a B.F.A. in dance from Rutgers University and is an ACE certified personal trainer! Werkkk! Formerly a dancer on the Philadelphia 76ers NBA Dance Team, Naimah knows how to get the crowd to werk and smile at the same time. When she isn't twerking and giving a fierce 305 class, you can find this beauty on her Youtube channel serving face and sass.