Sirens were dangerous creatures in Greek mythology who lured sailors with their charm and sweet voices to shipwreck ashore. Ba-boom. The realness - or rather, the RIA-lness - is all charm, sweetness, and d-d-danger. Her caring, encouraging nature sucks you in. But be warned: once you're in class, you'll soon be drenched sweat as Ria pushes you to succeed. Ria balances a full-time dance career with a grounded, positive outlook on life. Ria is a graduate of Joffrey Ballet School and has performed on stages across the country (from Guys and Dolls to Radio City). This Tampa native will take you on a genuinely epic journey with her mesmerizing movement and radiant smile. You know she can hold her own - she comes from a BIG. LOUD. Puerto Rican family with two brothers and a sister. She also shook it as a showgirl in Reno for 6 months (yes, ma'am!). Ria is here to make it happen, so lace up your damn shoes and come get your sweet sass on with the Siren. 

What to expect from her class: mesmerizing movement and a fierce-yet-grounded approach that fills the room with kindness, positivity, and some sass to spare.  

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