305 Fitness Instructor Sadie


An ass-kicking, sweat-drenched class, with loads of clarity, intensity, and attitude.

While still in college, Sadie founded ((305)) Fitness. Meet the pint-sized 28-year old and you’ll know: she ain’t exactly a shrinking violet. From a home that was half-Jewish half-Cuban, she owes her loud mouth and sense of humor to her “Jewban” roots.

Sadie is both grounded and upbeat. Come as you are. Sadie’s style of coaching is all about liberation; she will push you to your limit so you can unleash your inner beast within. While giving you plenty of motivating mantras and bursts of high-powered, full-body sprints, Sadie will also give you the room to play and be yourself (and most likely, make a friend or two). Sadie has been featured in numerous outlets including Good Morning America, the Today show, Inc, Cosmopolitan, Refinery29, the Washington Post, and the New York Observer for her unique ability to turn painful workouts into sheer bliss.


No matter what you say or where you go or what you do or how you pray / somebody’s gonna feel some kind of way about you
— Jidenna, Some Kind of Way