Explosive energy, hyper-intensity, and a nurturing, encouraging vibe that'll keep you going until the end.

Sam has got us all wanting to get a little weird. By the time she could walk, Sam was dancing and competing around the country. With a focused and calm demeanor, Sam is a natural leader. She coached high school dance teams while studying Kinesiology at the University of Wisconsin and moved to New York in 2010 (she's almost a New Yorker according to Carrie Bradshaw!). Having worked in the bars the past few years, Sam is reconnecting with her roots after being a long-time junkie at 305. Love it.

Sam is your inspiration. She's got fierce tattoos, explosive energy, and an undying passion for dance. You'll feel all these feels in her class. She's not the instructor to yell in your face, but she'll give you so much intensity and focus that you can't help but follow.

Are you taking over/ Or are you taking orders?/ Are you going backwards/ Or are you going forwards?
— The Clash, White Riot