305 Fitness Dance Cardio Workout Sam


A calorie-torching, full-body challenge and a compassionate supportive style, perfect for all levels.

Meet Sam. She just might be hiding something, so watch out! Underneath her cucumber-cool, sweet-n-shy exterior is a fierce-as-f*ck, take-no-prisoners, hyper-focused babe. A lady in the streets but a freak on the floor. Mmmkay, Sam! Some close friends might even go so far as to use words like “wild,” “loud,” and “dramatic” to describe Sam. Never petty, though. Never petty. Sam is a seasoned pro. She has been teaching dance and cycling classes for years. Oh, and also, her super sexy fiance is a trainer and an athlete. #RelationshipGoals. Sam is an incredible dancer and watching her beautiful 5’8" tall frame gracefully land every step will stop you in your tracks (but only for a hot sec cuz her class moves at 100 mph!). Sam’s sweet-meets-sassy approach makes her a perfect instructor for all levels. If you’re nervous to try ((305)), Sam’s compassionate demeanor and strong command of the room will have you in good hands.