305 Fitness Instructor Samantha


Fiery resilience, feminine power, and a big (big!) smile radiating across the room.

All hail this Latina queen! Born and raised in Queens, Samantha has a powerful, feminine energy that makes the world stop and stare. Her mama taught her to never apologize for who she is (thanks, Mama!). Samantha knows how to carry herself like a real lady. She might walk into the room all Audrey Hepburn, dainty, hair done. But wait until she opens up her mouth, starts moving, and lets her wild mane of curls down. Turn up is real, people. Samantha is passionate, fierce, and knows how to tell it like it is. One small character quirk… she always falls for the bad boy. Dudes who ride motorcycles are like her kryptonite. Can you relate?! Half-Dominican, half-Puerto Rican, Samantha is full loca loca loca. Take Samantha’s class if you’re looking for a dose of resilience, courage, and power. 



Don’t Stop believing, hold onto that feeling!
— Journey