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Become one of the first 305 Fitness Instructors in San Francisco!

City by the Bay, we’re comin’ atcha! 👅💦

Auditions will take place June 23 & 24 at Studiomix located at 1000 Van Ness Ave.

We are seeking badass instructors to teach our wild, high-energy dance cardio classes. No fitness experience required. Looking for smart, creative, and full-the-fuck-out dancers. If you know how to bring the party wherever you are, then this is the job for you.


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I learned how to market my classes and build a big social following. Training taught me how to lead a class and how to build myself a career in fitness.



If you are curious and open-minded, this is the right job for you!

  • Once hired as an instructor, you can expect to begin with 2-3 classes per week. Your class schedule will ramp up over the course of a few months, eventually teaching 5-8 classes per week.

  • There are a number of opportunities at 305 including the unique ability to branch into fitness, to work at an exciting start-up with like-minded people, and the chance to inspire others to move their bodies.

305 Fitness Instructors Dancing 2.jpg

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I’ve always loved to dance. I could never find the fitness class for me. I’ve been teaching bootcamp and other dance classes, but 305’s training has really given me the structure and tools I need. 305 for life!

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We’re looking for you!

You’ll make a great candidate if you:

  • Have dance experience

  • Are FUN

  • Like to be the life of the party

Our extensive training program -- at no cost to you -- also offers a unique foot in the door into the world of fitness that costs trainers thousands of dollars to attain on their own. The hours are consistent and part-time. We are highly supportive of artists and traveling schedules.

I’ve finally found a company that celebrates who I am. It’s like a home for all the extras like me!

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305 Fitness Instructors Dancing.jpg


Embark on a life-changing training program that’ll bring your fitness or dance career to the next level.