305 Fitness Instructor Tenealle


This little Aussie has got energy bouncing off the walls! This wild, exuberant class will make you feel oh-so-sexy!

Tenealle (pronounced Tin-eel) is our little energizer bunny from Australia. Don’t underestimate this little one! Her petite frame and drop-dead gorgeous looks might lead you to believe she’s just a cute face. But oh no! Inside and out, Tenealle radiates positivity, oozes energy, and vibrates on a whole ‘nother magnetic field with her wildly exuberant, can-do attitude.


If we could write Tenealle’s life story it would go something like this: hyper-active Aussie bored in school, daydreams constantly of dancing and singing. A loving mother flies her around the world, tying bows in her hair and helping her strap on leotards. She bids adieu to her very chill “no worries, mate” Australian beach town and builds a life for herself at the ripe age of 17 in New York City. She hustles her ass off, blisters on her feet and stars shining in her eyes. She debuts on Broadway; shakes her ass around the world with nbd names like Pitbull, Tiesto, Skillrex, Diplo; stars in West Side Story, Fuerza Bruta, Cirque du Soleil; and never, ever quits.


Tenealle lives in New York City with her bestie, her dog, Captain. She’s genuine, she’s silly, and in true Australian fashion, she’s incredibly non-judgmental. Tenealle believes that we can’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay! Embrace who you are, lean into your strengths, and keep working your ass off to be the best “you” you can be. When she’s not dancing at ((305)), you can find her dancing and performing around New York City and on international tours or at the movies with a large soda, hot dog, and popcorn. No judgments girl, you do you!

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit
— Aristotle