BABY BEND OVER: 3 Moves to Stretch Your Hips

((305)) FLX is here, aka our newest flexibility-based class. It will have you inhaling all the good vibes and exhaling all the bad sh*t! 

NYC instructor and full-time goddess Maria M. shows us three hip openers to help with better body rolls and reverse cowgirls. 🤠

1. Low Crescent Lunge

305 Fitness Instructor Maria

Killing it on high knees in ((305)) Cardio? Then your your hip and back are gonna need some love. 

How: Ease into it; if the stretch is too much, try a low runner's lunge first before lowering your back knee down for the low crescent lunge.

Pro tip: The Crescent Lunge is a bad ass stretch for those hip flexors, which can also be doubled as a gentle backbend for the lower back.


2. Figure-4 Stretch

305 Fitness Instructor Maria

While twerking is the best, it can be a lot use on your glute muscles. The Figure-4 stretch is a great way to give the booty a nice reset.

How: Start lying on your back with your legs extended. Next, place your right ankle on your left thigh above the knee, creating a "4" shape. Reach your right and left hands around the back of your left thing and slowly bend your left knee towards you. This will give a nice stretch on the outside of your right hip. Hold the stretch for 15 to 30 seconds, then switch legs.


3. Wide-Legged Seated Forward Fold

305 Fitness Instructor Maria

Make this stretch big!

How: Sit on the floor with legs extended out in a comfortable seated position. Exhale as your bring your chest down to the floor, reaching in front of you with your hands. Inch forward as much as you can to feel the stretch and hold the pose to open up your tight hips.


Quit reading. Start flexing.

Say bye to back pain, tight hips, and shin splints. 

((305)) FLX is the answer bbz. Sign up for classes at our NYC Village studio. 🤸

Sadie Kurzban